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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 14, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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tough words from pre wake of the these kinds of events are going to keep on happening. and the weapons are only going to get more powerful. >> tough words from president obama in the wake of the nation's deadliest mass
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shooting. a defense of his administration's war on terrorism and his direct attack on congress and republican critics. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the president's comments come as we learn new information about the gunman in the nation's worst ever mass shooting. kenneth craig tells us the shooter omar mateen may have been a regular at the nightclub where he carried out his deadly rampage. >> reporter: investigators were still on the scene of the massacre this morning. sources say shooter omar mateen cased the pulse nightclub before he decided to open fire there. sources say he also visited walt disney world more than once including in april with his wife possibly to survey the park as a target. his wife returned to their home in fort pierce last night. the fbi says she has been cooperating with the investigation and has been given a polygraph test. she told them her husband was radicalized in the last year. president obama says his
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administration is doing what it can to prevent homegrown terrorism. >> these lone actors or small cells of terrorists are very hard to detect and very hard to prevent. but across our government, we are doing everything in our power to stop these kinds of attacks. >> reporter: while the investigation continues, dozens of victims are on the long road to recovery. many of them were taken to the medical center just blocks away. >> i was shot about three times in my legs. >> reporter: this survivor recounted his harrowing experience while thanking hospital staff at a tuesday news conference. >> i couldn't walk. everyone was running on top of me. >> reporter: a sea of thousands gathered at a massive candlelight vigil in orlando last night. a church bell rang 49 times, once for each victim. craig boswell, cbs news, orlando. >> president obama will travel to orlando on thursday to pay
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respects to the victims. another of the shooting victims was brought to meet with the media. the young woman read a poem then described the horror of being trapped in the bathroom with the gunman. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun. so we're all, like, scrambling around in the bathroom screaming at the top of our lungs when he was in there for the first time and then, you know, people are getting hit by bullets, like, blood is everywhere. >> 44 people were brought the orlando regional medical center five blocks from the nightclub. it's a level one trauma center. the hospital recently staged a mass casualty exercise but surgeons never examined to see something on this scale. >> we are used to use gunshot wounds and a multitude of injuries each and every night but this was, um, somewhat of a surreal experience. >> they performed more than 30 operations, eight more scheduled for today. and we learned 23 of the 49
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people killed were puerto ricans. they were celebrating latino night at the gay nightclub. >> the massacre shining a spotlight on gun laws and today the state senate committee on public safety is looking at five bills one focused on limiting the purchase of long guns to one gun per month per person. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from the newsroom. jackie. >> authors of ab1674 said they researched mass shoot that is happened over the last 30 years and think that their bill would reduce illegal gun trafficking. those opposed spoke out about how this would affect hunters and gun collectors democratic assemblyman miguel santiago of los angeles summed up the reason wrote the bill like this. >> everybody he's a law-abiding citizen until they're not. >> reporter: citing the recent mass shooting in orlando he said by limiting the purchase of long guns he believes it will prevent people from stockpiling them or from building them up to fully functioning assault weapons that could then be trafficked. >> as we know california has
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the strictest gun laws in the country and the opposition is opining and i tend to agree with them that this is an unreasonable restriction on our second amendment rights. >> reporter: republican state senator jeff stone had specific concerns about how this would affect hunters saying it's very common for hunters to own different kinds of guns for various recreational means. >> some people like to go to basketball games on the weekends. some people like to go to baseball games on the weekends. some people, hunting is their recreation so i'm concerned about that. >> plan ahead, number one. i mean, that's the best way to do it. and -- and on top of that it doesn't eliminate any borrowing restrictions which are -- would still be in place nonetheless. >> reporter: santiago continues to argue that he believes his bill has a number of exemptions that address a lot of concerns but members of the nra said restricting the sale of arms won't reduce gun violence. criminals will always get guns. this bill is expected to pass. two members were out of the room when the vote was cast but it has a 3-2 vote as of now in
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favor of moving forward and then goes to the senate appropriations committee. they are trying to expedite measures to the governor's office by june 30. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. in the wake of the orlando shooting, a bay area lawmaker wants to make it possible for members of the lgbt community to donate blood. supervisor scott weiner tweeted, today i'm introducing a resolution demanding that the sca stop discriminating against gay, bi men in blood donations, hashtag orlando shooting. current fda regulations prohibit gay men from donating blood if they have had sex in the past year. the shooting has prompted plans for heightened security at the upcoming pride parade. local, state and federal agencies will work together to make sure things stay safe. >> often times someone knows something in advance and if they will reach out to us and let us know then it's at the very least we can investigate and stop it before it happens
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or minimize the damage. >> the event is june 25. politics intervening in the aftermath of the orlando shooting. the president issuing a blistering attack this morning on donald trump. >> we now have proposals from the presumptive republican nominee for president of the united states to bar all muslims from emigrating to america. where does this stop? the orlando killer, one of the san bernardino killers, the fort hood killer, they were all u.s. citizens. are we going to start treating all muslim-americans differently? >> as cbs reporter adam may tells us, trump is refusing to back down. >> reporter: donald trump reiterated his call for a ban on all muslims entering the
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country. >> i refuse to be politically correct. >> yeah! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: trump then accused president obama of having ulterior motives in the war on terror. >> truly has more anger toward me for isis. i don't know. that's something going on, very strange situation. >> reporter: the reaction to trump's innuendo was swift with newspapers across the country slamming the presumptive republican nominee. president obama's press secretary was quick to defend the president's actions. >> if you take a look at the president's record, it speaks tore itself including a lot of dead terrorists. >> reporter: hillary clinton never mentioned trump by name but slammed the idea of a ban on muslims saying, we need their help in stopping attacks before they happen. >> we should be intensifying contacts in those communities, not scapegoating or isolating them. [ applause ] >> reporter: clinton, the presumptive democratic nominee will meet with bernie sanders tonight to discuss how the two
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can work together to defeat trump in the fall. adam may for cbs news, the white house. >> sanders hasn't suspended his campaign but says he is unlikely to win the nomination. washington, dc is the last to vote on the democratic side and they are at the polls today. we are now hearing from one of the jurors who convicted former stanford swimmer brock turner of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. the palo alto weekly published a letter from the anonymous juror to the judge who is under fire for imposing a six-month jail sentence. the letter says: person." "we were unanimous in our finding of the defendant's t and ou icts were marginalized based on your n onal opinion." jury selecti today.. in the crimin f p-g-and-e. the utility is charged with2 violating nation jury selection begins today in the criminal trial of pg&e. the utility is charged with 12 counts of violating national recordkeeping and maintenance
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requirements plus one count of obstructing justice in an ntsb probe following the 2010 pipeline explosion in san bruno. the blast killed 8 people and destroyed an entire neighborhood. if convicted on all charges, pg&e could be fined more than $560 million. a san jose homeowner has once again found himself at the center of a mess. a truck hit his home and this happened to him 19 times. take a look at some of the damage. part of the grand jury and entryway collapsed. the impact of crash also sent his car, which was parked in the driveway, into his house. police arrested the driver on suspicion of dui. >> we have been hit 19 times. this made 19. four of them made it into the house. this guy could shear off two polls. he was traveling pretty quick to get in the house. >> the homeowner lived in the house since 1950. he says he doesn't plan on
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moving anytime soon. heads up a change for commuters who cross the golden gate bridge. starting today, there will be four lanes going northbound tuesdays through fridays beginning at 4 p.m. since january, there have been four northbound lanes just on thursdays an friday. a northern california kid making history this morning. he tells us how he was able to swim to alcatraz and back the youngest athlete in the world to do so. >> and a different kind of sound in las vegas today. thousands watch as a casino comes down in stunning fashion. >> plenty of sunshine around the bay but temperatures are below average for this time of the year. we have even have rain in the seven-day forecast plus a warmup on the way. stay tuned. it's all coming up next. ,, ,,,,
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implosion ] take a look at that. thousands of spectators kiss a long-time las vegas building good-bye. fireworks followed by an implosion early this morning brought down the old riviera casino. the hotel's first headliner was liberace. the riviera closed in may of last year after 60 years on the strip. draymond green was suspended for game 5 of the nba finals and his absence may have cost the warriors the game of. without him on the court the cavs shot 53% from the field. lebron james and kyrie irving each scoring 41 points. green is expected to be back for games 6 in cleveland. the warriors are one win away from winning the nba title for
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the second consecutive year. lebron james has been named the new mayor of oakland at least that's according to the city of oakland's wikipedia page. someone hacked the page listing james. as the mayor and kyrie irving as the state senator representing oakland. the a's are hosting gay pride tonight at the coliseum. it will be the second annual "pride night" to honor equality. the game against the texas rangers starts at 7:05. a 9-year-old boy just became the youngest person to swim to alcatraz and back. james savage braved strong currents and the chilly bay waters to complete the roughly 3-mile swim. his mother was by his side the entire time in a kayak. the coast guard was also watching. james had been training for weeks to accomplish this goal. >> i been practicing at the dam and i swam three miles there a couple of days ago. i did the three miles in 51
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minutes. i have been going there to practice. >> he is 9. >> awesome. >> amazing. james finished the roundtrip swim to alcatraz in 2.5 hours. so roberta does this swim all the time but i don't think she was doing it at 9 years old. >> not. that's incredible. proud mom giving him a him. you were -- giving him a hug. you were a skeptic. he did it! a lot blue skies and sunshine around the bay. it is a little bit chilly, brisk in some parts of the bay. mild in others. so here's a look out the door what you can expect. 71 degrees in concord. 61 right w in san francisco. 72 in santa rosa. some of these temperatures are probably going to start to top out here pretty shortly. so these temperatures are below average for this time of the year. here's the reason why. it's an area of low pressure over the northwest. so it's cool today and into tomorrow likely, as well. we'll show you what's going on
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with futurecast. some high clouds are over the bay today. mostly clear skies, again plenty of sunshine just about every where you go. more clouds roll in by wednesday, more clouds still for thursday. and then we do have a chance of rain. so yeah, we haven't seen that in a while. it's all just north of the golden gate. so by thursday afternoon you may need an umbrella but in the marin county area, north bay, watch out thursday afternoon. today sunshine, windy in spots, low clouds tonight, remaining breezy and once again possible north bay showers by thursday. sunset tonight at 8:33. let's look at the high temperatures all around the bay. going to be mild in some of our inland spots. so this might be a relief for some folks who may be civic hot weather we saw last week -- who may be sick of the hot weather we saw last week. it should feel good. 56 in san francisco. 62 pacifica. 65 in san francisco. 73 san jose. let's check the weather
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forecast over the next several days. those temperatures should bottom out by tomorrow reaching a high of 73. of chance of rain in the north bay by wednesday. remaining cool and then things warm up and get seasonal for this time time. hot in the inland spots for father's day on sunday and then check out monday reaching 93 degrees. so a roller coaster weather forecast. >> yeah. looks like it. you have everything in there. >> that was our excuse today for not swimming to alcatraz. too cold. [ laughter ] >> i can't swim. [ laughter ] >> okay. well, it is important to put fresh batteries in your smoke alarms but that's not the only thing to do to keep your family safe. >> put it right in the corner. >> reporter: with the help of the chief and the beaver falls pennsylvania fire department, we wanted to show what happens in a house with a working smoke alarm. >> right now, the smoke is starting to roll upstairs. >> reporter: we set this chair on fire. it's easy to see.
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the flames, the smoke, and the alarm going off. >> the difference between life and death in a fire, does it come down to -- >> working smoke alarms. absolutely. >> reporter: working alarms. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: but there's something about smoke alarms you may not know. >> just because there's a smoke alarm on the wall doesn't mean it's going to go off if it's not maintained. >> reporter: and he is not talking about fresh batteries. according to a survey by the national fire protection association, nine out of ten consumers are unaware they need to replace their smoke alarms every 10 years. we found this 20-year-old smoke alarm in the home of patty frederick. >> we checked it every year to make sure that the batteries is over. i wasn't aware it could malfunction. >> reporter: after 10 years, the sensors in smoke alarms can start to fail. >> so if you have old smoke alarms in your house they may not work. >> reporter: you can find the age of your alarms by check the date they were manufactured on
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the back. experts recommend replacing old alarms with new smoke alarms that come with 10-year batteries. they will chirp when the unit needs to be replaced. rockledge is prepared to take a tear way straight to a california courthouse. why they are being sued next. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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and store them right these large honeycrisp apples will taste wonderful. and i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer, and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. one of the most popular songs of all time is at the center of a copyright trial that begins today in los angeles. it's the guitar riff from stairway to heaven by led accept len. the estate of the randy wolf said he wrote it for his band spirit. led zeppelin's members page and plant say it's ridiculous. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,
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in the bay area... *where local vector control found a bird that tested positive f the virus -- com west nile found in the bay area, where local vector control found a bird that tested positive for the virus. that's coming up on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> and that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. the bold and the beautiful is next. >> ken and liz will see you at 5:00. have a great day. ,,
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